Home Fashion Julia Roberts shares radiant filter-free selfie as she celebrates long-awaited news

Julia Roberts shares radiant filter-free selfie as she celebrates long-awaited news

Julia Roberts shares radiant filter-free selfie as she celebrates long-awaited news


With the SAG-AFTRA strike officially over after more than one hundred days, actors are celebrating their return to sets and red carpets, and Julia Roberts is the latest.

The actors’ strike first went into effect in July, and during that time, the over 100,000 actors the union represents were barred from doing any sort of promotional work for their projects – from premieres to social media posts – or partake in any sort of acting job.

Now, the strike having ended earlier this month, the Pretty Woman actress gets to update fans on her latest project, and she did so with a radiant selfie.

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Over the weekend, Julia took to Instagram and shared a filter-free selfie where she is glowing, wearing a black, cap-sleeve blouse and her signature red hair looks fiery styled in perfectly tousled waves.

Getting straight to the point, the Hollywood A-Lister shared in her caption that her upcoming film, a psychological thriller-drama titled Leave the World Behind, finally hits theaters next week on November 22.

“Eat pie and then go watch a movie,” Julia suggested, seeing as the film premieres the day before Thanksgiving in the US.

Selfie shared by Julia Roberts on Instagram November 18, 2023, where she appears with her signature red hair in waves and wearing a black blouse.© Instagram
Julia looked absolutely radiant in the celebratory selfie

Though she has the comments section under her posts largely limited, one fan did reveal: “I saw it and loved it,” as another aptly also noted: “Excuse me, you are gorgeous!”

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Directed by Sam Esmail, the thriller has a star-studded cast featuring Ethan Hawke (who stars as Clay Sandford, husband to Julia’s character Amanda Sandford), Kevin Bacon, (as Danny), and Mahershala Ali (as G.H. Scott).

Per IMDb, the plot reads: “A family’s getaway to a luxurious rental home takes an ominous turn when a cyberattack knocks out their devices, and two strangers appear at their door.”

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Julia Roberts attends the 28th Annual Critics Choice Awards at Fairmont Century Plaza on January 15, 2023 in Los Angeles, California© Getty
The actress, along with her impeccable style, can now make a return to red carpet events

Julia previously shared a behind-the-scenes selfie from set, where she is sitting in the passenger seat of a car wearing aviator sunglasses and her signature bright smile, next to on-screen husband Ethan, plus their on-screen children, played by Farrah Mackenzie and Charlie Evans.

“The Sanford Family. We just wanted a nice getaway…” she wrote in the caption, teasing the movie’s vacation gone wrong plot.

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