Home Fashion Jamie Redknapp’s wife Frida shares stunning glimpse inside family life as Raphael snuggles up with sister

Jamie Redknapp’s wife Frida shares stunning glimpse inside family life as Raphael snuggles up with sister

Jamie Redknapp’s wife Frida shares stunning glimpse inside family life as Raphael snuggles up with sister


Jamie Redknapp and wife Frida must constantly be on their toes with them juggling seven children from their blended families, but it’s clear from photos shared by the parents their children share very close bonds.

In a new photo shared by the Swedish model, she put this on full display with her young son Raphael, one, sweetly being cuddled by the star’s teenage daughter, Amanda. Amanda has making sure to keep warm in the lower temperatures as she was all wrapped up in a blue hoodie and even had a plaid blanket laid over her legs.

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Raphael was also dressed for the weather, with the toddler in a beige jumper while he carried his yellow blanket with him. However, the one-year-old didn’t look too impressed, although we’re not sure whether it’s due to the colder temperatures or his sister’s attention.

Frida was clearly besotted with the sweet snap, as she sweetly wrote: “Snuggles with big sis.”

A teenage girl in a blue hoodie cuddling a toddler© Instagram
Amanda and Raphael have a strong brother-sister bond

Raphael has been a real star of Frida’s Instagram since he arrived in November 2021, with the mum-of-five opting to keep the rest of her children out of the spotlight, but she has recently begun showing off more of her brood.

Her daughter often stays off the feed, however, but the model managed to capture a sweet moment between the pair back in August as the star shared a delicious-looking spread, including grilled vegetables, cheeses, grapes and crusty bread, which she captioned: “Mamma & daughter time”. Amanda was sat opposite the model fully prepared to tuck into the meal.

Frida's blended family sitting on the beach © Instagram
The blended family travelled to Barbados over the summer

Frida shares four children with ex-husband Jonathan Lourie, a girl and three boys. She also shares her youngest child, one-year-old Raphael, with her retired footballer husband Jamie.

Although Amanda and Raphael clearly show a sweet bond, we’re not sure the toddler left the teenager happy last week when he attempted to steal her chocolate bar that she had left on the kitchen counter.

A young child reaching over a counter for a chocolate bar
Raphael proved to be a little cheeky!

In a photo taken inside their expansive kitchen, Frida shared a photo of Raphael attempting to steal the half-eaten food item. The young man could only just reach over the counter, but that didn’t stop him from being determined to grab the tasty treat that had been left out.

The chocolate had been left in a yellow wrapper and Raphael’s hand could be seen peeking over the marble counter, which also featured a wooden spatula on the side, just in case he couldn’t reach!

Jamie shared new photos of his wife and son
The model often shares photos of young Raphael

In her caption, Frida joked: “Oh nooo… Rapha has seen the half eaten [chocolate bar emoji] his sister left on the counter,” finishing the post off with a laughing face emoji.

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