Home Fashion Tim McGraw and Faith Hill prepare for huge family celebration as the countdown begins

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill prepare for huge family celebration as the countdown begins

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill prepare for huge family celebration as the countdown begins


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are excitedly counting down the days until they are reunited with their three daughters, who have all moved out of the family home in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The country music singers have been living alone in their sprawling 22,460-square-foot mansion – which has five bedrooms and 10 bathrooms – ever since their youngest daughter, Audrey, 21, relocated to New York City in 2021. 

The couple’s eldest daughter, Gracie, 26, also lives in the Big Apple, while their middle child Maggie, 25, lives elsewhere after finishing her studies at Stanford University. 

tim mcgraw faith hill daughters© Photo: Instagram
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are doting parents to three daughters

However, in just a couple of weeks, they will all return home to spend the holidays with their parents, and Tim admitted he is looking forward to continuing on their family traditions. 

“Holidays are busy, especially with all the girls at home because they’ve created this theme night thing that we do,” he told Audacy’s Katie & Company. “It’s based on TV shows or movies, or books sometimes, and they’ll pick a theme, and then we’ll have a dinner – the food has to fit the theme as well,” Tim explained. 

“We’ll put all these characters in a hat, and everybody has to draw a character, and then you have to dress up as that character, but you can only use things that you can find around the house.” 

He added: “It typically involves a lot of their friends coming over, so there’s 10 or 15 of us and we have this big dinner, and everybody’s dressed up as a character.” 

tim mcgraw and faith hill embracing© Getty
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have a busy household during the holidays

Recalling some of the themed dinners they enjoyed last year, Tim said: “We did Game of Thrones, The Great, Harry Potter, so I’m curious to see what they come up with this year.” 

Another tradition that holds a special place in Tim and Faith’s hearts is decorating their Christmas tree with Audrey. “One tradition is our youngest daughter, Audrey, she’ll be 22 on December 6, so we always decorate our tree on her birthday,” he revealed. 

gracie mcgraw bowie transformation© Photo: Instagram
The McGraw family also dressed up as musical icons last Christmas. Gracie pictured emulating David Bowie

But it’s not just themed dinners and tree decorating that keep the musical family busy over the holidays – they also enjoy Italian feasts and karaoke. “I always cook – my mom’s Italian so I grew up having pasta for Christmas Eve dinner,” Tim shared. 

“I make spaghetti and meatballs every New Year’s Eve and we usually have it around noon or 1 pm [with] all the family that we have that lives in our area, we usually have 20 or 30 people, and then we play games afterward and we always have karaoke set up.” 

tim mcgraw and daughter audrey mcgraw© Getty
Tim McGraw and Audrey McGraw decorate the Christmas tree on her birthday

Despite his and Faith’s extensive back catalog of hot songs, Tim admitted that none of them make an appearance during karaoke. “I have to listen to my daughters do two hours of Hamilton,” he said. 

“They know every single word, they love it. They’re all great singers and they can do all the harmonies, so they do every song of Hamilton.”

Gracie teamed the sheer dress with a red leather jacket and boots © Getty
Gracie McGraw is making a name for herself on Broadway

Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey do have incredible singing voices and have each showcased their talents publicly in the past. 

Gracie is making a name for herself on Broadway and has performed at showcases for several Broadway Sings events. In July, she headlined her first solo show at Chelsea Table + Stage. 

WATCH: Maggie McGraw showcases insane singing voice in college rock band

Maggie, meanwhile, was the lead singer of a rock group called Sister Supply during college, and Audrey has shared several videos of herself singing on social media.

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