Home Fashion Gabrielle Union admits she gained 27LBS ‘overnight’ during perimenopause

Gabrielle Union admits she gained 27LBS ‘overnight’ during perimenopause

Gabrielle Union admits she gained 27LBS ‘overnight’ during perimenopause


Gabrielle Union, at 51 years old, candidly discussed the unexpected challenges of perimenopause during a heartfelt conversation with Drew Barrymore. 

Both women shared their personal experiences with the transition to menopause on “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

Gabrielle opened up about the sudden and significant weight gain she encountered, describing it as a swift and startling change. “It felt like it happened overnight,” she revealed, explaining how she gained 27 pounds in a seemingly brief period. 

Drew, 48, resonated with this experience, highlighting the stress-related bloating she endured.

gabrielle union inside la home© Instagram
Gabrielle admitted she put on weight during perimenopause

 “When I am stressed, the cortisol in my belly gets so bad that I can look anywhere from six to eight months pregnant,” Drew shared, emphasizing the need for dietary changes and lifestyle adjustments to regain balance.

Gabrielle’s weight gain prompted her to seek medical advice, leading to recommendations for eliminating gluten, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine from her diet. 

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Gabrielle Union at home

“Three out of four, I feel like I could try,” she recalled, indicating her willingness to adapt her diet for health reasons.

In a previous interview with Allure, Gabrielle delved deeper into the emotional toll of her weight gain. 

She admitted to feeling heightened anxiety and the onset of depression, emotions she had not previously experienced. 

“I felt terror. And I’ve never had depression before, but I was feeling sad, deeply sad,” she described, clarifying that her feelings were not suicidal but reflected a profound desire for escapism.

Married to NBA icon Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle emphasized the critical importance of recognizing and addressing these changes. 

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Gabrielle with her family at home

“If those feelings get bigger and you have them longer, they can get away from you,” she explained, highlighting the potential risks, especially for those living alone or without a support network.

OB-GYN Dr. Kameelah Phillips also appeared on the show, confirming that a weight gain of up to 30 pounds is common during menopause and perimenopause.

 She attributed this weight gain to various factors, including the stress of a busy lifestyle and the tendency for women to prioritize others over themselves. “We tend to gain this weight for many reasons,” Dr. Phillips stated.

The Mayo Clinic supports these observations, noting that hormonal changes during menopause often result in weight gain around the abdomen. This change is compounded by factors related to aging, lifestyle, and genetics.

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