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“Every Stone Needs To Be Turned Over”

“Every Stone Needs To Be Turned Over”


Young Dolph’s long-term partner, Mia Jaye, is growing frustrated with the slow-moving justice in the rapper’s case.

Jaye has recently taken to social media, urging Dolph fans to contact Memphis authorities about the case and demand justice. Jaye’s frustration is partially due to Judge Lee V. Coffee, who was presiding over the case, being removed. Last year, Coffee restricted the phone and visitation privileges of suspect Justin Johnson. Jaye says she only learned of his removal via social media. Now, she has spoken with Rolling Stone to express her anger over the situation.

“All I’m asking for is that they regard the family to the point where we at least get information first before anyone else does,” Jaye pleaded.

She then went on to make a shocking revelation about the activity that took place weeks before Dolph was killed. According to Jaye, a month before the Memphis shooting, someone with the last name “Johnson” tried to trademark his stage name. In March 2022, she went to law enforcement with the information that she learned only after Dolph died. However, her tip fell on deaf ears.

“I feel like every rock and every stone needs to be turned over. Because every person who had a hand in this needs to be brought to the forefront,” Jaye explained.

Another grievance was the $90,000 bond that the murder suspect, Hernandez Govan, was given. He was allowed to bond out and remain on house arrest until the trial. Jaye said that while she understood he had to be given bail, she and Dolph’s family were never told why it was so low.

Dolph was shot 22 times on November 17th, 2021. The brazen shooting was caught on video and quickly spread across social media. Four men have been arrested in relation to the slaying, with Goven allegedly being the mastermind in the plot to kill Dolph.


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