Home News Get exclusive discounts on the Galaxy S23 FE through the Shop Samsung app in the US

Get exclusive discounts on the Galaxy S23 FE through the Shop Samsung app in the US

Get exclusive discounts on the Galaxy S23 FE through the Shop Samsung app in the US


In the buildup to Black Friday, Samsung US is offering some exclusive perks if you buy new gadgets through its Shop Samsung app (available for Android and iOS) instead of the web store.

On top of the usual enhanced trade-in discounts, the Shop App will apply an additional discount – sometimes a percentage, other times a fixed cash value. Note: the trade-in value is subtracted first, the percentage discount is applied second.

And to give you an extra nudge to try out its shop app, Samsung will give you $25 off your first purchase with it (available only for purchases of $250 or more). Just follow the links below and you will see the option to launch the app (or download it first, if you don’t already have it). You could still use the web store if you prefer, but without the extra discount.

We just published our review of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE yesterday. We felt that the MSRP was a bit too high, but this is where the discount comes in – you can get up to $400 off with enhanced trade-in and then 10% off the remaining value (again: only through the app).

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

A Galaxy S21 FE is valued at $350, an S20 FE will fetch $300. This means that you can swap your 3-year old FE and get the latest model for just $270 ($600 – $300, then 10% off). Note that these values are for phones in good condition. However, even damaged ones fetch a good price, e.g. a Galaxy S20 FE with a cracked screen is valued at $200. This puts the price of the 128GB S23 FE at $360. Less than that, actually, once you add the $25 bonus for your first purchase from the Shop Samsung app.

Another perk that comes with the S23 FE is that you can pick up the new Galaxy Buds FE for just $50. Normally, these are $100, so this is half price.

If you’re happy with your current phone and just want the Buds FE, you can pick them up through the app with a $30 discount. Note that this isn’t enough to get the extra $25 off, at least not on their own (your order has to be $250 or more in total for that).

Samsung also launched two new FE tablets – a 12.4” follow-up to the 2021 model and a smaller 10.9” version. Both have LCDs, we know that some of you strongly prefer that over AMOLED panels like on the main Tab S9 series.

The Galaxy Tab S9 FE and Tab S9 FE+ can be discounted by up to $350 worth of enhanced trade-in, going through the app drops the price by $50 more. For reference, a Tab S7 FE is valued at $300, so the base Tab S9 FE falls to $100 ($450 – $300 – $50). And don’t forget about that $25 off your first purchase through the app.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+

Even though they are cheaper than the Tab S9 series, these still support DeX for multitasking with and without an external display. They also come bundled with an S Pen for note taking and sketching. For additional productivity, you can also pick up the Book Cover Keyboard Slim (available in Tab S9 FE and Tab S9 FE+ sizes).

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