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Mase Surprises Cam’Ron with a Massage From Joe Smith’s Wife [Video]

Mase Surprises Cam’Ron with a Massage From Joe Smith’s Wife [Video]


Earlier this month, Cam’Ron and Stat Baby had the opportunity to interview former adult film star Kisha Chavis, who gained significant attention when her husband, former NBA player Joe Smith, discovered her OnlyFans page. The viral moment unfolded as Joe stumbled upon the page, capturing his emotional and unexpected reaction, and the recording quickly spread across social media.

Some argue that Joe may have been aware of Kisha’s past in adult films, suggesting he should have known about it even though she had moved on from that phase of her life.  During an interview with Cam and Stat Baby, Cam couldn’t help but tell Kisha how attractive she was. He playfully mentioned that her cleavage was a bit distracting during the interview, though he made it clear he didn’t want her to feel the need to cover up.

Later in the interview, Kisha mentioned that she has her own company, the ‘Body Rub Babes,’ who are attractive females who give massages. Cam’s first question was if Kiaha was one of the body rub babes. She laughed and told him she was not. 

Fast forward to the latest episode of It Is What It Is, Mase had a surprise for Killa. Kisha reveals herself and a massage table appears in the background as Cam jumps up to hug Kisha. 

“Do I get the massage right now?” Cam asked everyone because he couldn’t contain his excitement. “Ay Mase, this the Muder that was my friend right here,” Cam says jokingly as he starts to take off his silk shirt and white beater. “This was my man right here.” 

Mase asked the question folks were wondering, “Has your OnlyFans gone up after that?”

She replied, “Yes, I was like probably in the top 20 percent of creators, and now I’m at the top 1% or something like that.”

Mase asked what she loved about her husband, Joe Smith. Kesha responded while rubbing Cam’Ron down, “he’s just there.” It was somewhat taken out of context, but it was too late with these two jokesters on set.

Cam eventually asked Stat Baby, Mase, and the crew to leave and turn down the lights. Check out the hilarious clip from last night below. 


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