Home Fashion Keke Palmer’s Mother Calls Out Darius Jackson In Full Audio [Audio]

Keke Palmer’s Mother Calls Out Darius Jackson In Full Audio [Audio]

Keke Palmer’s Mother Calls Out Darius Jackson In Full Audio [Audio]


The full audio of Keke Palmer‘s mother going off on Darius Jackson has been released, and the details are troubling.

Palmer, her mother, Sharon Palmer, and Jackson are all heard speaking on the call. It seems that Sharon is confronting Jackson over the mistreatment of Palmer. The irate mother accused Jackson of calling her daughter names such as “b***h” and “c**t.” Jackson also accuses Sharon of being a manipulative Hollywood mom.

“I tried to be nice to you because I thought you had some mental problems,” Sharon is heard saying at one point.

She also hurls several claims at Jackson’s mother, accusing her of enabling his abusive behavior.

“Your b****h a** mama…she f**ked you up. She the one who got you thinking you can go around and harass women,” Sharon claimed, also slamming Jackson for choking his own sister.


The call in its entirety is roughly eight minutes and was obtained by blogger Armon Wiggins. It has surfaced during a time when Palmer has accused Jackson of physical abuse and even provided surveillance images showing what appears to be an attack in her home. The actress was granted sole physical custody of their son, Leodis, and a temporary restraining order in the case. Jackson has denied these allegations, though he does not appear to reject any of Sharon’s accusations on the call.

Sharon and Jackson are also heard mentioning the Usher incident, as Jackson reiterated his claim that Keke should “put some close on” because “she’s a mom.” Towards the end of the call, Palmer takes accountability for saying “mean things” to Jackson during their arguments and hitting him as well.

Neither party has commented since this latest development.


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