Home News Google Maps will now help prevent you from getting on the wrong train

Google Maps will now help prevent you from getting on the wrong train

Google Maps will now help prevent you from getting on the wrong train


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  • Google has announced three new features coming to Google Maps.
  • The app will launch a new transit feature that recommends the best routes and shows station entrances and exits.
  • Users will have the ability to create and share location lists that friends can vote on.

Ahead of the holiday season, Google is getting ready to launch a few new experiences in the Google Maps app. The new changes will help users get around and plan trips with others.

Today, Google announced three new features coming to Google Maps on both Android and iOS. The first of these features is an update to transit directions that should help prevent you from getting off at the wrong exit or getting on the wrong train.

Transit Updates

According to the tech giant, its new transit experience offers recommendations — based on ETA, trip duration, and number of transfers — so you can easily see the best route to your destination. You’ll also have the ability to use filters to choose which type of transit you want to take. In addition, the company says you’ll now be able to see “where the station entrances and exits are, what side of the street they’re on, and a clear walking route to and from it.” These updates will arrive in the coming weeks to over 80 cities, including Berlin, Boston, London, and Madrid.

The second update aims to add more collaboration opportunities when planning on places to go. In the coming weeks, the Mountain View-based firm states it will roll out an update to the lists feature that will include collaborative lists. The thought behind this update is to create a group where everyone can add suggestions for places to go. Every member of the group can then vote on which locations they want to visit the most. You can see an example in the gif below.

Shared list

The final announcement involves emoji reactions to photos, videos, and reviews. You’ll now have the ability to react with the supplied emojis or create mashup reactions with the help of AI and Emoji Kitchen. Unlike the other announcements, this feature is apparently rolling out today worldwide.

This announcement arrives on the heels of last week’s discovery that Google could add a chatbot — like ChatGPT — to the Maps app. We believe this feature could possibly be used for the Local Guides program, providing points of interests, or for businesses.


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