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Nothing explains how it will keep its iMessage app secure

Nothing explains how it will keep its iMessage app secure


Nothing Phone 2 dual camera bump with glyph lighting enabled

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  • Nothing is launching the beta of Nothing Chats, which promises to give the Phone 2 compatibility with iMessage.
  • Nothing Chats requires you to connect it with your Apple ID.
  • Nothing claims its messaging app is private and secure.

Nothing is getting ready to launch a new messaging app called Nothing Chats. The software promises to give the Phone 2 compatibility with iMessage, as well as offer a few iMessage features. Although it seems like there could be security concerns with how the app works, Nothing claims its app is private and secure.

Earlier today, Nothing announced its Nothing Chats app, which will turn green text bubbles into blue ones. The app will be exclusive to the Nothing Phone 2 and will initially roll out as a beta. In addition to offering iMessage features like read receipts, voice notes, and full-resolution media sharing, it will also offer RCS.

Nothing’s app is similar to Sunbird’s app, which also provides iMessage compatibility for Android. In fact, Nothing Chats is built on Sunbird’s architecture, but is designed by Nothing.

In an article we published earlier today, we shared concerns about potential security issues with how the app would work. Nothing has since clarified how the process is handled to keep everything private and secure. A spokesperson states:

Once you log in to the Chats app for the first time using either your existing Apple ID or creating a new one, your credentials are tokenized in an encrypted database and become associated with one of Sunbird’s North America or Europe-based Mac Minis (depending on where you’re located), creating an encrypted relay for iMessages sent through the app. Once the relay is created, it’s locked and cannot be accessed by Sunbird or anyone else even if they had access to the physical server itself. The only action Sunbird can take with the relay is to delete it.

The spokesperson further added that Sunbird is currently working on ISO27001 certification — an internationally recognized specification for an information security management system. Nothing reportedly partnered with Sunbird because it delivers end-to-end encrypted messages without ever storing them at any point. The London-based firm also says the only information Sunbird holds onto is the account email, but Sunbird deletes that information if a user is inactive for two weeks.

While we still have our concerns, at least Nothing has shed some light on how data will be handled for its new app. Nothing Chats will be available on November 17 in the Google Play Store for the US, Canada, UK, EU, and other countries in Europe, including Norway and Switzerland.


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