Home News Fitbit app update brings back fan favorite feature and new additions

Fitbit app update brings back fan favorite feature and new additions

Fitbit app update brings back fan favorite feature and new additions


Step streaks


  • Fitbit is updating its app today.
  • The update will bring step streaks back to iOS and will be on Android for the first time.
  • The update will also bring three other new features to the app.

A few months ago, Fitbit rolled out a redesign to its app for Android and iOS. Now the company is releasing an update to that app that will bring back one feature and add some new ones.

Fitbit announced today it is rolling out a few key changes to its app that should make it even more helpful for its users. Specifically, Fitbit is bringing four features to the platform.

Step streaks

The first of the features is something that appeared on iOS previously, but is making a return due to feedback. If you were a fan of step streaks, the feature is now back. The company states that the steps you’ve already taken will still count towards your streak. And for the first time, this feature is finding its way to Android.

Battery percentage

In a more minor change, located in the same Today tab as step streaks, Fitbit is adding battery percentages. In the top left corner of the screen, you’ll now see how much battery you have left in the device connected to the app.

Goal celebrations

Positive reinforcement can help motivate you to stay on track with your workout goals. As such, Fitbit says that it is adding goal celebrations to the mobile app. When you hit your daily step goal, the app will now mark that moment. Unlike the others, this feature isn’t coming out today. The company says this feature will be fully released on iOS by early 2024.

Customize your focus

Last but not least, it looks like the at is getting new focus metrics. This is reportedly designed to give users more ways to customize the app for their own health and fitness journey. So if the presets aren’t to your liking, you can instead choose focus metrics to customize the Today tab.

Fitbit’s announcement today comes only a month after Google announced it was updating the Fitbit app to include generative AI. The AI features are slated to arrive in early 2024 to Fitbit labs testers.


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