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This is how reminders will work in Google Photos

This is how reminders will work in Google Photos


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  • Google Photos is working on integrating reminders within itself.
  • Google Photos will prompt users to create a reminder on images with text or date data.
  • The reminder shows up in Google Calendar and will link to the photo in the text field.

Google Photos can do many things, like back up your photos online and let you use exclusive features like generative AI on your images with Magic Editor and swap around faces with Best Take. The photo management app from Google will soon get another upgrade, letting you set reminders from directly within the app.

TheSpAndroid had previously spotted strings related to reminders in the Google Photos app. Now, they have activated the feature, giving us a good look at what it can do.

As you can see in the video above, you will soon be able to set reminders from within the Google Photos app itself. Images will soon show a “Set reminder” chip, tapping on which will let you quickly set a reminder.

The link to the photo will be automatically added to the text field. The reminder will be set within Google Calendar, so you will have a point to cross-reference the image. While not mentioned in the report, we presume that you will also need to have Google Calendar installed on your device.

According to the report, the reminder feature does not appear for all photos. It appears mostly for receipts and other documents with text or date information in the image.

I can see this feature being handy for many users, especially around following up on invoices or the like. A prompt to quickly create a reminder around menial tasks we otherwise would not have bothered creating a reminder for (and then consequently forgot about them) will really help forgetful people like myself. I hope Google rolls this out soon to Google Photos.


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