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Myleene Klass reveals how daughters are taking after her by giving back to Save the Children

Myleene Klass reveals how daughters are taking after her by giving back to Save the Children


With this year’s Kind List theme being kindness to children, Myleene Klass couldn’t be more of a perfect fit. The musician made headlines earlier this year when she donated her entire I’m A Celebrity… South Africa winnings – £100,000 – to Save the Children, a charity for which she has been an ambassador for 11 years. 

“I felt really proud to be able to donate my money to Save the Children,” Myleene told HELLO! “Save is a charity that I’ve been associated with for over ten years. A lot of people want to know where their money goes. 

“And I’ve been to the crisis zones – the Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania. You go to these places where people feel so helpless and if you don’t give children a chance to change their environment, then we don’t have a future. 

“I’ve got two girls who have watched me do this for many, many years and I now have a four-year-old son, and I want them to see that if they want something done, if they can pass kindness on, to step up, then it’s a wonderful thing to do. I know how far that money will go, I’ve seen it firsthand.”

Myleene Klass smiles in her crown after wearing I'm A Celebrity South Africa© Rex
Myleene was crowned the I’m A Celebrity Legend earlier this year

Myleene has taken some inspiring trips with the charity and met people from all walks of life. Some of the things she has done for Save the Children include dancing with youngsters in refugee camps in Jordan; teaching science to rescued child brides in Tanzania who hope to become engineers and doctors one day; and giving medical equipment to a midwife who delivered 2,000 babies solely using light from a torch she held in her teeth. 

Closer to home, Myleene acknowledged poverty in the UK, saying she is proud to teach children to read, as well as enlisting the help of her daughters who she calls her “mini ambassadors” to “pack balloons, sweets, stickers and nail polish” for the children she meets. 

“I’m really proud of my children,” she told HELLO! “They used to do this thing where the only time they would let me go away was for Save the Children trips because they understood what it meant. 

“They used to pack little balloons, sweets, nail polish – all the things that would just be a little taste of what their experience was. And to just give back, it really goes a long way. You can just connect because you can blow up balloons, stick stickers on each other. It’s this communality that children have, it’s so adorable.”

Myleene Klass is crowned the winner of I'm A Celebrity South Africa © Rex
She donated her £100,000 prize money to Save the Children

Not only has the singer tirelessly campaigned for the charity – that works to ensure children have healthcare, food, shelter, education, and child protection services – but, now with children of her own, but she has since gone above and beyond to help women who have suffered miscarriages like herself.

In July, she, alongside MP Olivia Blake and Tommy’s Charity, successfully made recommendations to the government to change the rules for people suffering from miscarriages. Now, women do not have to wait to suffer three miscarriages to receive help. 

Myleene Klass is interviewed by HELLO! Magazine during the Stephen Sondheim's "Old Friends" Opening Night© Getty
We interviewed Myleene on the red carpet in October

“I’m over the moon. It’s one of those things where you think, ‘Actually I can make change,'” Myleene told HELLO! “A lot of us feel, and rightly so, very disappointed and quite despondent with what is happening at government level. I never realised until it happened to me, that actually a lot of the decisions are made in Westminster, even over our own bodies. 

“Where is it ok for a woman to suffer three consecutive miscarriages and not receive help? But if you break a finger, let alone a heart attack, you don’t have to wait for three broken fingers or three heart attacks. 

“Women have been ignored for a long time and I’m not saying I’m grateful it happened to me because it’s a nightmare to experience one miscarriage let alone four, but I have managed to turn the pain into power. 

“There are a lot of politicians whose job it is to change policy and to make change and they don’t do their jobs. A lot of politicians have recently been saying that celebrities shouldn’t get involved in politics and I challenge them – we still have a vote. If they can’t make the job happen, well then maybe it takes a busy woman to get stuff done.” 

Myleene Klass attends the Gala Night performance of "We Will Rock You"© Getty
“I have managed to turn the pain into power,” Myleene said of suffering four miscarriages

The mission started in 2021 when Myleene bravely broke her silence about experiencing four miscarriages in her hard-hitting documentary Myleene Klass: Miscarriage and Me. She teamed up with Tommy’s charity, who, in the same year, launched their Miscarriage Matters campaign which called for miscarriages to be recorded on a national level and a change to the system where parents must go through three miscarriages in a row before they qualify for any type of support. And after their relentless campaigning, Myleene and Tommy’s did it.

“Myleene did an incredible job of breaking the silence around miscarriage and showing exactly why the government needs to take the scale and impact of miscarriage seriously through her documentary Myleene Klass: Miscarriage and Me,” the charity told HELLO!

“Through speaking about her own four losses and talking to many others about their stories, the programme showed the utter devastation miscarriage brings: a devastation that one in five women and birthing people and their partners and families in the UK will experience.

Myleene Klass wearing a blue dress at wimbledon© Getty
The musician is also an ambassador for Tommy’s charity

“As one of our first Tommy’s Ambassadors she has continually used her profile and platform to keep the subject of miscarriage in the public eye and tirelessly spoken out to support us and amplify our campaign in our continued push for changes to care. 

“Earlier this year we were delighted to see that among recommendations made to the Government in a report – the Pregnancy Loss Review – was the introduction of the Tommy’s ‘graded model of care’ – a new system which would ensure that some support is offered after a first miscarriage, and further testing and treatment after a second. 

“We haven’t changed the rules just yet but this is a huge step in the right direction, and one we could not have achieved without our community and the voice and influence of a campaigner like Myleene.”

Myleene Klass attends the Universal Music BRIT Awards after party© Getty
“Myleene is one of the kindest, loveliest, and most generous of people,” said friend Errollyn Wallen

Another project Myleene has been working on this year was something else incredibly close to her heart. She worked with Sky Arts on Musical Masterpieces which she revealed she hopes will help inspire the younger generation of musicians who may have been self-conscious about their skills. 

In the programme, she appears alongside Errollyn Wallen CBE. Errollyn had lots of kind words to say about her friend and told HELLO!: “Myleene is one of the kindest, loveliest, and most generous of people. She is always thinking of others and goes out of her way to help anyone in need. It’s been my very great pleasure to get to know her.”

See the full Kind List here.


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