Home Fashion “Let’s Not Start Any Weird Rumors” [Video]

“Let’s Not Start Any Weird Rumors” [Video]

“Let’s Not Start Any Weird Rumors” [Video]


Remy Ma denies being pregnant despite the ongoing and widespread rumors online.

During the Halloween weekend, Remy went live on Instagram while spending time with Fat Joe. When some fans implied that Remy might be confirming pregnancy rumors due to her choice of loose-fitting clothing, she took the opportunity to display her flat stomach and put an end to the speculation.

“I’m pregnant? Nah. Let’s not start any weird rumors,” she said as she lifted up her shirt. “No no, that’s my pocket. It’s fluffy on the inside so it’s giving a little [bump]. Stop. Don’t even start!”

Outside of the pregnancy allegations, rumors have also circulated on social media, accusing Remy of cheating on her husband with battle rapper Eazy The Block Captain. According to the rumors, Remy has allegedly been involved with Eazy for a considerable amount of time. Additionally, Blogger Tasha K posted a photograph of the two spotted dining together as one of the supporting pieces of evidence. These rumors resurfaced after a battle between Eazy and fellow battle rapper Geechi Gotti on September 17th when Geechi brought up the speculated relationship. After the battle, Remy, who was present at the event, was approached by 15MofeRadio to gather her thoughts on the comments made during the battle.

“He [was just saying] what’s been on the blogs for the last three/four months,” she said. “I’m comfortable. Listen, it’s battle rap.”

Two months later, the rumors continue to circulate, fueling the speculations, especially after the two were seen together at the Philadelphia Eagles game earlier this week. On Monday, video footage surfaced showing the Terror Squad member and the battle rapper attending the Eagles vs. Cowboys game in Philadelphia together. This has intensified speculation that there may be trouble in Remy and Papoose’s marriage.


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