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Every Contestant Clue From ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 10

Every Contestant Clue From ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 10


Gazelle said the first clue to their identity is remembering which celebrity wore the Gremlin mask in season 4: Mickey Rourke

“Like a gazelle, I’ve always leapt headfirst into opportunities to be on stage,” Gazelle said during her September 27 clue package. “After seeing a Broadway show at 6 years old, I knew that I wanted to perform for a living. When I was just a teenager, I took a huge chance and performed in a national talent competition, but I crashed and burned. It was super bad, and it made me almost swear off singing for good — but music was always my first love.” 

For her onstage clue, the men in black brought out a vinyl record that read “movie soundtrack.” Gazelle hinted, “Not only do I act in movies, I also sing in them.”

Her visual clues included a Hawaiian shirt, bulldogs and a poster reading, “Hello Doll!” 

During the October 4 episode, Gazelle said she was pressured to change her name at 8 years old so she would appeal to a wider audience, but she decided not to because she was proud of her heritage and wanted to blaze a trail for little girls who look like her. Her clue package also included a surfboard, a test with the grade “A” on it and a sign reading, “Threat Level 3.” On stage, the panel saw a football decorated with the word “villain,” which Gazelle explained by saying, “I’m not actually a villain, but I can play the part.”

One week later, she said she made her film debut in the 2000s. She chose Gazelle as her costume, she explained, because gazelles are similar to deer, and a person close to her who loved deer died shortly before her wedding. Her visual clues included a bouquet of flowers, a mouse and a dog tag. 

Identity: TBD 

Us Weekly’s Best Guess: Janel Parrish 


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