Home Fashion Kate Garraway divides fans as she shares look inside neighbour’s home

Kate Garraway divides fans as she shares look inside neighbour’s home

Kate Garraway divides fans as she shares look inside neighbour’s home


Kate Garraway raised eyebrows on Wednesday for two separate reasons as she shared a photo of her neighbour’s home, which was already being decorated in the run-up to Christmas, with a sparkly tree occupying most of the windowspace.

The Good Morning Britain presenter shared a glimpse inside her neighbour’s home as she headed into work, posing the question: “Too early?!! Fully decked out #xmastree and on Nov 8th in my neighbours house?!!!! What do you think #itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas???!!!!” While Kate’s post sparked the usual debate of whether it was too early to be putting up Christmas decorations, others questioned the need to share the photo of her neighbour’s private property.

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One commented: “Think I’d be a tad annoyed if a neighbour posted a pic of my house on social media unless you asked them?” while a second joked: “Stop stalking your neighbours.”

On the Christmas debate, there were plenty of comments, as one penned: “Whatever makes people happy with the current state of the world. If it brings them joy why shouldn’t they,” and another added: “I’ve got mine up and I love it. Make the house feel warm and cosy and puts a smile on everyone’s faces.”

A Christmas tree in a window© Instagram
Kate’s sharing of her neghbour’s home raised eyebrows

On the other side, a follower noted: “No. I believe you loose a certain magic when it’s all too early,” while another agreed: “Way too early. Christmas should be like it was in the 1960s…start 1st Dec…far too commercalised these days, puts pressure on folk.”

When she’s not on Good Morning Britain or Smooth Radio, Kate is a full-time carer for her husband Derek Draper who has required around-the-clock care after an extreme negative reaction after contracting COVID-19.

Derek Draper watching TV covered in blankets with his children© Instagram
Kate has faced a tough time with her husand’s health

Last month, the mum-of-two said that her husband wasn’t “doing great” as she spoke to media at the Pride of Britain Awards. Opening up to Metro, she revealed: “He’s not doing great, to be honest. But the battle goes on.”

This isn’t the first time Kate has spoken about her loved one’s health battle. Last month, the broadcaster shared a glimpse inside Derek’s “emergency setbacks” during a candid interview with Good Housekeeping.

Kate Garraway looking serious in a blue dress whilst presenting GMB© Shutterstock
Kate is a presenter on GMB and Smooth Radio

The author and documentary maker said: “I’d love to be able to tell you that, since Derek has been home, everything has been easy, that the miracle of him being at home has turned the day-to-day challenges into a breeze.”

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But because we keep having emergency setbacks and he’s had to be rushed back into hospital so many times, the fear of him dying has never left us. The unpredictability of his day-to-day condition means we’re living on a rollercoaster.”


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