Home News ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ Season 2 on Netflix: What We Know So Far

‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ Season 2 on Netflix: What We Know So Far

‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ Season 2 on Netflix: What We Know So Far


Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 on Netflix What We Know So Far

Picture: Daily Dose of Sunshine – Netflix / Film Monster

Netflix’s latest medical K-drama, Daily Dose of Sunshine, just landed, and some are already questioning whether or not we’ll be seeing a second season soon. Sadly, we don’t believe Daily Dose of Sunshine needs to return for a second season. Here’s why.

Daily Dose of Sunshine is a South Korean Netflix Original series directed by Lee Jae Gyoo and written by Lee Nam Gyu and Kim Da Hee. Lee Jae Gyoo directed the incredibly successful Netflix horror series All of Us Are Dead, which will return for a second season soon.

Talented nurse Jung Da Eun is transferred to the neuropsychiatric department, where her kind and empathic nature helps to heal the patients under her care and those around her.


Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 08/11/2023)

At the time of publishing, Daily Dose of Sunshine has yet to be renewed by Netflix. When you consider that the series has spent less than a week on the streaming service, we’re not surprised that a decision has yet to be made on the K-dramas future.

The series has yet to feature in the Netflix global top ten TV (Non-English) list and competes with popular K-dramas such as Strong Girl Nam-soon, Castaway Dive, and Doona. However, it must be noted that the series is performing exceptionally well in South Korea, where it is currently ranked 1st in the daily top ten list.

In total, the series has made it into the top ten list of 27 different countries around the world but has yet to break the top ten list in the USA.

Screenshot 2023 11 08 at 09.57.31

Pictured: The Netflix global top ten TV (Non-English) list for October 30 – November 5, 2023 | Netflix

Does Daily Dose of Sunshine need a second season?

Considering how the first season ends, there is very little need for a second season.

Da-Eun’s Mental Health and helping Byeong-hui

After her mental breakdown, Da-Eun was admitted to the hospital. Initially resistant to the treatment at first, it wasn’t until her eyes were opened to the severity of her mental health that she became receptive to the treatment. After recovering, she went back to working in the psychiatric ward; however, it wasn’t long before the patients and their families learned of Da-Eun’s breakdown and began protesting against her return to the ward.

da eun Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 on Netflix What We Know So Far

Pictured: Park Bo Young Netflix / Film Monster 

Thanks to the efforts of her colleagues and friends, the families of the patients were convinced that Da-Eun’s experience would only make her a better nurse.

Da-Eun was also imperative in helping patient Byeong-hui in their recovery. Byeong-hui had a long history of depression and self-harm but always dreamt of learning how to fly. Eventually, Byeong-hui is discharged, and Da-Eun later runs into her working at the airport, where she has a job at the information desk and has started her first steps to achieving her dream.

Da-Eun x Go-Yun

One of the most important people to help Da-Eun’s mental health is her new boyfriend, Go-Yun. By the end of the season, the pair is dating, and Go-Yun has been extremely helpful, kind, and caring for Da-Eun by being with her on her scheduled walks to help her mental health.

da eun go yun Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 on Netflix What We Know So Far

Pictured: Park Bo Young (left) Yeon Woo Jin (right) – Netflix / Film Monster 

Yu Chan’s workload

At his previous job, Yu Chan was taken advantage of by his colleagues. A cruel joke among them was giving him the nickname of EZ Yu Chan, as it was easy to dump their entire workloads on him and still benefit financially. This level of overworking is what led to his panic disorder diagnosis.

As pressure begins to mount on Yu Chan again, he raises the issue with his superior but is initially dismissed and told to get over his mental health issues by keeping himself busy with work.

Yu Chan eventually makes a stand and leaves work at the allotted eight-hour mark, making his boss aware that any time he spends working after the fact, the company will be in breach of contract. Yu Chan’s superior eventually supports Yu Chan and actively helps him not to get overworked.

yu chan Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 on Netflix What We Know So Far

Pictured: Jang Dong Yoon – Netflix / Film Monster 

Nurse Min Deul-Re frees herself.

Throughout the season, nurse Min Deul-Re was struggling to deal with her extremely abusive mother. Deul-Re’s mother used her daughter as an easy meal ticket, always asking for money or taking out loans in her daughter’s name, which landed Deul-Re in debt.

Deul Re had been the one to put herself through school and university, ensuring she had everything she needed to be successful as an adult. Deul Re’s self-esteem issues all stemmed from her mother, who spent her entire life taking advantage of and exploiting her daughter.

When Deul Re’s mother takes it upon herself to barge her way back into her daughter’s life and move in, this is the beginning of the end of their relationship. Not only is Deul Re’s mother taking out loans in her daughter’s name, but when she learns that Deul Re is dating Doctor Yeo Hwan, she tries to exploit the relationship for money.

At Yeo Hwan’s suggestion, Deul Re finally sees the light and cuts her mother out of her life forever. She leases her home, clears her debt, and even gives her mother the leftover money, but she clarifies that she is no longer welcome in her life.

Tasting freedom for the first time, Deul Re quits her job and acquires a dream job of working on a cruise. Yeo Hwan was extremely supportive of her decision, happy that she was realizing her dream, and made it clear that he would be waiting for her to return.

Overall, the story ends in a great place where many of the main and supporting characters have begun to heal or have been healed of their past traumas, mostly moving on with their lives in a positive way. It would be a shame to see any of the characters regress were a second season to happen.

Would you like to see a second season of Daily Dose of Sunshine on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!


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