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Below Deck Down Under’s Laura Bileskalne Had a Miscarriage on Season 2

Below Deck Down Under’s Laura Bileskalne Had a Miscarriage on Season 2


Below Deck Down Unders Laura Found Out She Was Pregnant and Suffered a Miscarriage While Filming

Laura Bileskaine

Below Deck Down Under‘s Laura Bileskalne revealed she suffered a miscarriage while filming season 2.

“I guess it is finally time to talk about it because I was not sure I wanted to talk about it. I found out I was pregnant on the second day of the show,” Bileskalne said on Monday, November 6, during an episode of the “Miss Understood” podcast.

The reality star didn’t know how to react to the news, adding, “I was in shock — that was the first pregnancy for me. I thought I had a UTI and I had antibiotics, but they didn’t help. I spoke with the nurse on the show and she gave me a test.”

During season 2 of the Below Deck spinoff, Bileskalne often spent long periods of time in the bathroom. Chief stew Aesha Scott questioned Bileskalne’s absence, which was attributed to her not being in a rush to get ready. Bileskalne, however, wasn’t thrilled with how the narrative focused on her time off screen when she was going through a major life change.

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“[The show was filming] when I found out and I was in the bathroom,” she recalled. “We are not supposed to [talk to cast members without filming] but I was like, ‘I need to talk to Aesha. I need to talk without cameras.’”

Bileskalne added: “I told her what was happening because I thought she would be the one who can support me the most. She knew what was happening with me — and it was also for my protection — because I didn’t want someone else to find out about it.”

The second stew was surprised to see her breaks being a topic of discussion on the show.

“I told [Aesha] for this reason and it turned to a completely [different narrative]. That was really hurtful actually. That was more hurtful than all the other things because they knew what was happening. And production knew because I went to the hospital twice,” Bileskalne explained. “I asked them not to show it because I didn’t want to explain what is happening, but everybody knew I was in the hospital.”

Bileskalne decided to have an abortion but suffered a miscarriage before the procedure was set to take place.

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“We had an appointment between charters to get [an abortion]. We were still on charter on Monday and that morning I woke up with pain I cannot explain. I was bleeding extensively and the bathroom was the only safe place I could be,” she said. “We went to the hospital and the wait was so long.”

Bileskalne returned to the boat instead of seeking medical treatment. She later was seen by a doctor, who confirmed she suffered a miscarriage.

According to Bileskalne, there was “no one else” who knew about her situation except Aesha and producers. “I asked them from the beginning if this could be private and they straight away said yes. They never asked me [to put it on the show],” she noted on the podcast.

Despite receiving support while filming, Bileskalne called out how her screen time played out after the fact.

“When I am like that and they knew it and they still made it look like I was [just spending] a long time in the bathroom,” she concluded. “People were making memes saying I came out of the bathroom looking the same, I probably looked even less [the same] because I cried. That was my only safe place where I could be.”

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Below Deck Down Under started airing earlier this summer and ultimately made headlines after Luke Jones was fired by Captain Jason for getting into Margot Sisson’s bed naked while she was asleep. Bileskalne was also removed after she publicly voiced her disappointment about Jones’ departure. Her advances toward deckhand Adam Kodra — which he later referred to as unwanted — contributed to her exit as well.

Bileskalne, for her part, appeared on Monday’s podcast to clear the air about what didn’t make it to screen. She maintained that her interactions with Kodra were consensual but were later taken out of context due to the consent incident with Jones.

“With all the false accusations, people ask me if I regret going on the show? And my answer is NO!” Bileskalne wrote via Instagram on October 24. “I learned so much about myself and about people in general. It did boost my self esteem by seeing how obnoxious a great amount of people are and realizing that I have nothing on them made me feel good about myself. I don’t even need to try to not be like them, I am just not like that.”


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