Home Fashion “This Is Where I Realized The World Is Nuts” [Video]

“This Is Where I Realized The World Is Nuts” [Video]

“This Is Where I Realized The World Is Nuts” [Video]


The twin dancing duo known as Les Twins has been beloved by fans in the Beyhive community for many years. However, they have recently found themselves involved in an interesting controversy.

Over the weekend, TikTok user @Lil_Curvy_ posted a video in which they made a surprising allegation, suggesting that one of the twin brothers has an extraordinarily excessive amount of children, 37 to be exact. However, Laurent Bourgeois, one-half of the renowned dance duo, recently responded to the rumors in question. During an Instagram Live session held on Sunday, Laurent dismissed the accusations as “ridiculous” and encouraged the person making the allegations to “find another target.”

“My image is way too clean… and if you find my 37 kids, tell them I love them so much. If they need a daddy, I’m here,” Laurent said.

Additionally, Laurent added,  “Give me the baby mama’s names. Where they at? I wanna see the babies. I wanna see what they look like. But I need you guys to understand — let’s do 10 babies That’s a lot! 37?!… You guys are crazy. This is where I realized the world is nuts. Now, I understand why people and big artists talk less online.”

In another context, Laurent shared a video on his Stories from Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour featuring himself and his “children,” before revealing his method of relaxation involves a yacht and venting his feelings into the open space.

The woman at the center of the controversy is said to be expecting a child, and there is uncertainty about which of the twins is the father because, as identical twins, they are rumored to interchangeably date and be intimate with several women. Larry Bourgeois, the other half of Les Twins, has not publicly addressed these speculations.


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