Home Fashion Shirlie Kemp’s health warning to son Roman: ‘See a doctor’

Shirlie Kemp’s health warning to son Roman: ‘See a doctor’

Shirlie Kemp’s health warning to son Roman: ‘See a doctor’


Roman Kemp and his parents, Martin and Shirlie Kemp share a close bond, with The One Show host speaking about how his beloved mother supported him during a period of low mental health.

The presenter, 30, wrote about the advice from Shirlie in his memoir, Are You Really OK?, detailing that he has had depression since his teenage years and that his mother suggested he see a doctor at 15.

Shirlie is always a rock to her son and in an exclusive interview with HELLO! Roman spoke about how much the support of his parents means to him. “I genuinely feel like I’ve won the lottery with my family,” he said.

Martin and Roman Kemp smiling© Instagram
Martin and Roman Kemp are close

“We constantly talk to each other, on the phone, every day. My dad and I get to work with each other all the time and I’m so lucky for that. The reason we work together is because I know how much I’m going to love my kids and my family watching that footage of me and their grandad working together – and that’s just our relationship,” he continued, before explaining why his close bond with his Spandau Ballet star dad and Wham! performer mum is so important to him.

“The nice thing about my family is there is no ability to wear a mask when we’re together,” Roman told HELLO!

“There’s no judgement there, just love and support and help if you need it. I’m so lucky that that is my family, I’m so lucky that I never have to be anything but myself with my mum, dad and sister.

“The reason why I enjoy family life and time with friends and loved ones is because I take [my] mask off. I am just me.”

shirlie and roman kemp
Roman and Shirlie Kemp always support one another

Roman’s sister, Harleymoon is equally praising of her famous family. In a brand new interview with HELLO!, the singer, 34, said of her parents and brother: “Our home was a place of kindness and encouragement. It was always about helping and supporting each other,” she says, describing dad Martin as “the kindest man I’ve ever known”.

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Sharing how proud she is of her younger brother’s work in the mental health space, Harleymoon told HELLO!: “We are so proud of Roman – to be acknowledged by the future Queen for his work on mental health is absolutely outrageous.”

Harleymoon Kemp alongside her parents Martin and Shirlie Kemp and brother Roman Kemp © Getty
Harleymoon Kemp alongside her parents Martin and Shirlie Kemp and brother Roman Kemp

Indeed, the singer met Princess Kate when she visited the family home to mark Roman’s efforts, sharing: “I was there, of course; I couldn’t let Kate slip by if she was in our house,” she says of how the Princess visited the family home to film a video discussing Shaping Us, her early-years campaign, with Roman.

“Roman is so cool – he just said: ‘Yeah, she’s coming round.’ I was like: ‘Whaaat? When?’

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“It was surreal, watching Princess Kate come into my mum and dad’s house and walk around the garden with my brother.”

We’re happy the family is there to cheer one another on in their successes!

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