Home Fashion Strictly’s Dianne Buswell shares incredible baby news: ‘I can’t deal’

Strictly’s Dianne Buswell shares incredible baby news: ‘I can’t deal’

Strictly’s Dianne Buswell shares incredible baby news: ‘I can’t deal’


Strictly star Dianne Buswell had plenty to smile about at the weekend as she celebrated some joyous baby news.

The professional dancer, who is set to become an aunty once again, took to Instagram on Saturday with the sweetest update from her 40-year-old brother, Andrew.

Strictly star Dianne Buswell with red curly hair posing against reflective background© Instagram
Strictly star Dianne is set to become an auntie once again

Taking to Instagram to share her excitement, Dianne, 34, re-posted a photo of her little niece Zofia posing with an ultrasound scan. Captioning the picture, the Aussie-born TV star penned: “I can’t deal! [two red love hearts] You’re going to be the best big sis!”

She went on to say: “I’m going to be an aunty to another beautiful niece or nephew, congrats @buzzballz1 @melskieljman.”

dianne buswell's re-posted photo of brother's baby announcement © Instagram
Dianne shared her excitement on social media

In the sweet snapshot, Dianne’s niece Zofia is pictured beaming from ear to ear in a pair of floral flares and a matching floral T-shirt. The youngster looked so sweet as she stood next to a small side table topped with a baby doll clutching a baby scan.

Sharing their news with the world, happy couple Andrew and Mel originally shared a string of heartwarming photos alongside the caption: “This is how excited Zofia is to become a big sister in May 2024… Our little beehive is growing and we are Buzzing with excitement.”

Unsurprisingly, Dianne was amongst the first to react, writing in the comments section: “Soooooo excited big sis Zosha,” while Zoe Sugg – Dianne’s boyfriend’s sister – wrote: “Congratulations guys!” followed by a trio of red heart emojis.

Dianne Buswell and Joe Sugg smiling with their heads close together behind the scenes of Strictly© Instagram
Dianne Buswell and Joe Sugg first crossed paths in 2018

Earlier this week, Dianne’s boyfriend Joe Sugg whipped fans into a frenzy when he shared a bizarre snapshot of himself posing with an alien baby scan. Whilst the sonogram merely formed part of his Halloween outfit, inspired by the 1970s film, Alien, fans and friends were forced to double-take.

In a bid to clear up any confusion, former Strictly contestant Joe was quick to post a video on his YouTube channel.

Joe Sugg holding a fake sonogram© Instagram
Joe’s spooky outfit confused fans!

“I didn’t think anyone would believe that it was a baby announcement,” he said. “Even some close friends messaged me privately and were like ‘Omg I genuinely thought for a second that was a child announcement’.

“For me, I was going: ‘Do you really think that one – I would do a baby announcement post without my girlfriend in the post as well and not share it with her? And two – do you really think I would announce that we were having a child with a plastic Alien wrapped around my head?’

Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell at the BAFTAs© Getty Images
Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell at the BAFTAs

“To which everybody, including my friends and family, all said: ‘Yes, that’s a very Joe Sugg thing to do’, which I’d like to point out, no, no it’s not, I would not announce a child… It would be on the shortlist.”

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Whilst Dianne and Joe may not be ready to expand their own family just yet, they certainly haven’t ruled out the possibility of one day welcoming children.

During a candid interview with Women’s Health, Dianne revealed: “Joe is the most supportive person. I’d love to have a family one day, and I know Joe would love a family too. That would be our dream one day.”


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