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Plot, cast, release window, and more

Plot, cast, release window, and more


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The Good Doctor is The Big Bang Theory meets House. Shaun is young, eerily intelligent, and autistic. This means that while he’s usually right about his patients and his heart is pure, he almost always says the wrong thing, much like House. Except House really did like riling people up, while Shaun cannot really help it, bringing elements of Sheldon’s (from The Big Bang Theory) naiveté into the picture.

Find out when The Good Doctor season 7 is likely to go on air, cast changes, and plot developments.

Will there be a season 7 of The Good Doctor?

Yes, The Good Doctor is set to return for season 7. It was initially expected to be released in Fall 2023, but due to the WGA strike, the release got delayed. A deal has been made and the strike has been called off, so production is back in full swing.

When is season 7 of The Good Doctor coming out?

We’d say The Good Doctor season 7 will be aired by the end of 2024, by September or October. As of September 24, 2023, there was a tentative agreement reached between the writers and studios, indicating that work on the season’s scripts can commence. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

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What to expect from The Good Doctor season 7?

The story will continue to explore the life of Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young autistic surgeon who suffers from Savant Syndrome, and the various challenges and developments in his personal and professional life.

In season 6, viewers witnessed significant events, such as the birth of Shaun’s baby named Steven Aaron, the survival of Perez after a car crash, Dr. Andrews resigning from the hospital, and Dr. Aaron Glassman experiencing memory issues due to a neurological condition.

Given the unresolved drama and questions from the previous season, season 7 promises to explore the lives of the main characters and the new challenges they’ll face.

The Good Doctor season 7 cast

The cast for season 7 will largely feature returning actors from the previous season. Some of the confirmed cast members include:

  • Dr. Shaun Murphy played by Freddie Highmore
  • Lea Dilallo played by Paige Spara
  • Dr. Marcus Andrews played by Hill Harper
  • Dr. Aaron Glassman played by Richard Schiff
  • Dr. Audrey Lim played by Christina Chang
  • Dr. Alex Park played by Will Yun Lee
  • Dr. Morgan Reznick played by Fiona Gubelmann
  • Dr. Jordan Allen played by Bria Henderson

However, Brandon Larracuente, who portrayed Dr. Daniel Perez in season 6, is not expected to return as a series regular for season 7.

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Where to watch The Good Doctor season 7?

The Good Doctor is an ABC series. When season 7 premieres, it will first air on ABC. You could watch it with a “Hulu with TV” subscription, though. Youtube TV also offers ABC as one of its channels. In the UK, the show’s episodes are available on Disney Plus, though they often release later than in the US.


Yes, he suffers from Savant Syndrome.

No. It is fictional, an adaptation of a South Korean drama.

The Good Doctor is filmed in British Columbia, Canada.

She was offered a job in Guatemala.


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