Home Fashion This Morning’s Fern Britton inundated with support as she reveals setback following major surgery

This Morning’s Fern Britton inundated with support as she reveals setback following major surgery

This Morning’s Fern Britton inundated with support as she reveals setback following major surgery


Fern Britton is still recovering from the shoulder surgery she had earlier in the year, and while she recuperates at her Cornwall home, she revealed one of the setbacks following her surgery.

Alongside a sweet video of her two cats, Barbara and Dr Mackerel hitting each other through a window, Fern revealed that she needed a walking stick, which was laid out over the windowsill. The walking aid isn’t needed all the time as Fern was able to cross her kitchen in order to let Dr Mackerel back in through a window.

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Providing her followers with a small update on her recovery, the 66-year-old shared: “Barbara and her older brother Dr Mackerel being idiotic. Note physio aids on window ledge. Shoulder doing very well.”

Fern was immediately met with support from her fans, although many also mentioned her two pet kitties in their remarks. One said: “Aww bless them kitty cats. Glad your shoulders healing well Fern,” while a second joked: “There’s nothing quite like kitty entertainment. Glad you’re recovering speedily.”

Two cats on a windowsill next to a walking stick© Instagram
Fern revealed she needed a walking aid

A third penned: “Good morning Fern, Barbara and Dr Mackerel, lovely to watch them! I’m watching 2 squirrels going daft in the garden when I should be painting, simple things are a joy. So pleased your shoulder is doing very well, have a great weekend,” and a fourth added: “Cats are so funny to watch, glad [your] shoulder is good.”

Last month, Fern uploaded a photo in which she could be seen wearing a hospital gown with her arm in a sling. Sharing details of her surgery, she captioned her photo: “Morning all!! shoulder replacement done and a success. I can’t thank the staff at #StMichaels #NHS hospital in Hayle, Cornwall, enough.

fern britton in arm sling © Instagram
The star underwent a shoulder replacement

“The presenter continued: “Such care and kindness. Back home, Barbara is in her doctor’s uniform and attending to me constantly… Mostly telling me it’s time for her breakfast, elevenses, lunch, tea, supper… Thank you to my friends Jane, Two Cups, Double C and my lovely girls Grace and Winnie.

“I’m very lucky! See you soon… When I can train my left hand to put a bit of lippy on without looking like the joker. And if you are in a similar situation, I send my love.”

Fern Britton in black shirt and jeans© S Meddle/ITV/Shutterstock
The star has been keeping fans updated on her recovery

Fans and friends raced to the comments section to send well-wishes. “Wishing you a speedy recovery and shall look forward to seeing more of your posts when you’re up to it. Well done brave lady,” noted one, while another added: “Tough doing things like this on your own but sounds like you have lots of help… Take it steady, speedy healing.”

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Fern underwent surgery in a bid to ease her arthritis pain. During an interview with Woman & Home last year, the mother-of-four explained: “I’ve got arthritis settling in everywhere. My knee is really bad and so is my shoulder. I’m waiting on a list for a surgeon to sort it out. It’s very boring when your body starts to be in pain all the time.”


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