Home Fashion Jennifer Lopez’s rare comment about husband Ben Affleck will make you weep

Jennifer Lopez’s rare comment about husband Ben Affleck will make you weep

Jennifer Lopez’s rare comment about husband Ben Affleck will make you weep


Jennifer Lopez, at 54, is embracing a new chapter of confidence, and she credits her 51-year-old husband, Ben Affleck, with bolstering her self-worth. 

In an intimate conversation with Vogue, while introducing her latest JLo Beauty product, the Beso Balm, the artist opened up about the positive influence Ben has had on her self-perception.

“Ben wants me to understand my worth and know my value,” the performer revealed. The singer, known for her hit “Jenny From The Block,” expressed a newfound level of comfort and beauty in her relationship, a sentiment that resonates deeper than in her past liaisons, including her marriage to Marc Anthony and engagement to Alex Rodriguez.

Jennifer shared a heartfelt sentiment about self-love, saying: “I’m finally at the point in my life where I love every part of myself unapologetically.” 

JLo sports her latest collab with JLo looking cosy in her collab with intimissimi
JLo opens up about her relationship with Ben

She elaborated on this acceptance, encompassing her body, voice, choices, and even past mistakes, recognizing them as integral to her journey and identity.

Amidst her personal revelations, Jennifer is far from idle. Her ventures are as dynamic as her career, spanning from her beauty line to promoting the alcoholic beverage Delola. 

With creative energy in full swing, she is also celebrating her new album, “This Is Me… Now,” and is involved in the film “Atlas,” a sci-fi venture where an AI soldier concludes that ending humanity is the only solution to war.

ben affleck and jennifer lopez wedding
Jennifer married Ben in 2022

Jennifer has also given fans a glimpse into her nightly routine, adding a touch of glamour to the concept of beauty sleep. 

Speaking to People, she confessed, “I’d be lying if I said I still didn’t want to look a little glamorous when I climb into bed at night.” The doting mother to twins Max and Emme, Jennifer views the Beso Balm as an essential finishing touch, whether it’s a “no-makeup” day or a “full-glam” affair.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez© Stephane Cardinale – Corbis
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

The inception of Beso Balm was a quest for perfection. “This is meant to end my search for the perfect lip balm, so I wasn’t willing to compromise on this formula,” Jennifer stated, emphasizing the balm’s buttery texture and glossy finish. She pointed out its versatility as a hydrating mask at night, making it a staple in her beauty regime.

Jennifer envisions the Beso Balm as an everyday luxury, a reliable companion in a woman’s purse or by the nightstand. It became a clear next step after crafting her skincare line. “We need a great lip balm. That’s what’s missing,” she noted, indicating that this product fills a void in her carefully curated beauty offerings.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Love Story

In her interview, she didn’t shy away from discussing the balm’s allure, highlighting the “sweet flan de vainilla scent” that took over a year to perfect—a fragrance she’s admittedly obsessed with. 

The product has been a sensation even within her circle, leading to lighthearted thefts of her samples, an anecdote she shared with laughter, suggesting its irresistible appeal.

jennifer lopez home© Jason Sean Weiss/BFA.com/Shutterstock
Jennifer is more confident than ever thanks to her husband

Looking ahead to the holiday season, Jennifer opened up about her excitement to celebrate with Ben and their blended family. She reminisced about her lifelong love for the festive period, a passion that has only grown since becoming a mother. 

“The baking cookies, decorations, dressing up, festive music, giving gifts, seriously I can’t get enough of it. But I love to spend the quality time with family for sure,” she said, reflecting on the traditions that make this time of year special to her.

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