Home Fashion Willow Smith and brother Jaden’s lavish double celebration costumes must to be seen

Willow Smith and brother Jaden’s lavish double celebration costumes must to be seen

Willow Smith and brother Jaden’s lavish double celebration costumes must to be seen


It looks like smooth sailing for the Smith family following the bombshell revelations made by Jada Pinkett Smith in her newly-released memoir, Worthy.

On October 31, aka Halloween, the youngest in the family, Willow Smith, celebrated her 23rd birthday, and her family chimed in with a slew of supportive messages.

Her older brother Jaden, 25, took to social media with a peek at just how they celebrated his sister’s birthday – with a good ol’ All Hallows Eve, complete with creepy costumes.

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The young singer and entrepreneur dressed up like rapper Playboi Carti for the occasion, smearing his face with white paint and darkening the eyes and lips for a clown-like effect.

He wore an oversized black puffer jacket and a head-scarf with hanging ends, wide-legged jeans, and slick black platform shoes.

In several of the photos, Jaden showed off the lavish Halloween party he attended, which included flashing lights, several costumed attendees, and, of course, lots and lots of candy.

Joining him was his sister, who enjoyed a double Halloween-birthday celebration, while dressed up in what could best be described as a “demon waiter” – a white button-down with a black waistcoat and slacks, the same shoes as her brother, and a pair of large twisted horns in her braids.

“You Better Be Ready,” Jaden wrote alongside his post, to which fans left comments like: “This might be Carti,” and: “The way I would actually freak out if I saw this irl. Creepy…eerie…perfect. Well done my friend,” as well as: “Oh wow my guy really went in.”

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Willow’s famous parents, Will and Jada, both shared tribute posts on social media in honor of their daughter’s big day, with Jada using several flashy videos of her daughter for a compilation, a mix of her fashion campaigns and music videos.

Jaden and Willow Smith pose with a friend at a Halloween party© Instagram
Willow joined in for a double celebration of her own, in costume of course

“Happy Willoween!!! I love you I love you and I love you! Happy Birthday my baby girl,” she captioned her post, to which even Willow’s grandmother Adrienne Banfield Norris responded: “Princess Willow.”

Will, on the other hand, took fans back in time to the first film in the Men in Black series, digging out a viral clip of Tommy Lee Jones from the film and setting it to a photo of him posing with Willow.

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In his video, Tommy walks away from the camera saying the phrase “Oh yeah, it’s worth it…if you’re strong enough,” which Will equated to “being a girl dad.”

Jaden Smith at a Halloween party, captured on Instagram© Instagram
Jaden took fans inside the lavish Halloween celebration

“Wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you, Bean. Happy Bday!” he captioned the video, to which Willow responded: “Ahahaha!! ‘Oh yeah it’s worth it… if you’re strong enough.'”

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In fact, what makes it an even more exciting time for the young entertainer is that she’ll finally be dropping a new single, titled “ALONE,” on November 3rd.

“Just a ‘lil something to hold you over until next week,” she wrote alongside a short clip she recently posted of herself tinkering about with her recording equipment, already driving fan excitement for new music.

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