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How to feel energised in 3 minutes

How to feel energised in 3 minutes


If you find your mood darkens and your energy dips during the winter months, we have the perfect pick-me-up to lift you back up – and it takes less than five minutes.

We teamed up with wellness wonder woman Poppy Delbridge, who has just launched the Rapid Tapping App, to create a bespoke rapid tapping routine, which takes just three minutes and we promise will leave you feeling lighter, more energised and more motivated.

What is rapid tapping and why does it make us happy?

“Rapid tapping is a bite-sized way to boost your mood, manifest goals and ease stress,” Poppy says. “There is clinical research to prove that tapping reduces anxiety by up to 43% and that happiness levels can be boosted, but it also motivates us when we are feeling less than energetic.”

“Our stress is produced in the limbic brain and when we tap using evocative words and feelings, this switches off very quickly and balances out the nervous system,” Poppy says. “This allows us to think clearly, feel healthier and be happier, even when the cold dark nights draw in.

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Rapid tapping can make us feel less stressed

“We can use tapping to energise and motivate ourselves in a few minutes, slotting it into your day-to-day life,” Poppy says before adding tapping can make our skin brighter by activating lymphatic drainage, which reduces the appearance of fine lines by supporting collagen production. Consider us sold!

Watch the video below to try Poppy’s three-minute trick for a happier, more energised day and click here to listen to Poppy’s HELLO! Exclusive Rapid Tapping audio.

Download Poppy’s Rapid Tapping App here


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