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‘Golden Bachelor’ Finalist Faith Martin: 5 Things to Know

‘Golden Bachelor’ Finalist Faith Martin: 5 Things to Know


Golden Bachelor Finalist Faith Martin What to Know About Her Past Family and More 800

Faith Martin.
ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Faith Martin has captured Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner’s heart from the very beginning.

The Washington state native, 60, kicked off her journey on The Golden Bachelor with a bang by pulling up to the Bachelor Mansion on a motorcycle and singing Gerry, 72, an original song during the first cocktail party. Her talents and caring personality ultimately earned her Gerry’s first impression rose.

Faith noted in a confessional that the rose “represents hope” for her and Gerry’s blossoming relationship. “I hope that we can create something beautiful together and that’s the beginning,” she said. “And I felt so special.”

Despite having some doubts about her connection with Gerry as he explored other relationships, the leading man asked Faith to join him on an elaborate one-on-one date during the October 26 episode. In addition to flying over Los Angeles in a helicopter, the pair enjoyed champagne and charcuterie before a steamy hot tub makeout session.

Gerry proceeded to give her the first of his hometown roses. Faith is one of three finalists who will introduce Gerry to their families before he decides to take their romance to the next level.

The Golden Bachelor airs on ABC Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET. Keep scrolling to learn more about Faith before hometowns:

What Does Faith Martin Do for a Living?

Faith is much more than a former high school teacher in Washington state. In addition to her music skills — which fans saw on night one when she sang Gerry a song — her website states that she is an on-air host for three different radio programs. She also hosts “The Dating Chronicles of a Fifty-Something Female” podcast. According to her Instagram, Faith spends her free time enjoying her family’s company and horseback riding.

What Is Faith Martin Looking for in a Partner?

“Faith is a fun thrill-seeker and has checked many goals off her bucket list like diving with sharks, riding a motorcycle, and getting a tattoo, but she’s still looking for someone with whom to enjoy the thrills of life,” reads Faith’s ABC bio. “Faith is truly hoping that Gerry is her perfect adventure partner!”

Golden Bachelor Finalist Faith Martin What to Know About Her Past Family and More 797
Courtesy of Faith Martin/Instagram

Has Faith Martin Been Married Before?

In her pretaped intro package shown in the premiere, Faith revealed that she and her husband of 21 years split in 2005. “Older women, it’s taken us a lot of years to figure out what it is we want. But if my heart is truly attracted to somebody, all the other things fall into place,” she told the cameras. “We may not be as tight-skinned or in good shape, but, I mean, I’m not dead yet!”

How Many Kids and Grandkids Does Faith Martin Have?

Faith welcomed her two sons, Nick and Brendin, during her previous marriage and has since become a grandmother to five grandchildren. She often shares photos of herself with her grandkids via Instagram, recently going trick-or-treating with two of them for Halloween.

Golden Bachelor Finalist Faith Martin What to Know About Her Past Family and More 798
Courtesy of Faith Martin/Instagram

How Long Has Faith Martin Been Playing Music?

Faith grew up influenced by ‘70s music during her childhood in California’s Bay Area, according to her website. She has been singing and playing the guitar for four decades, starting out in cover bands before forming an acoustic duo with her “longtime bandmate,” Bobby Nelson. Faith’s music is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.


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