Home Fashion Olaplex Black Friday sale: Where to shop Kim Kardashian’s favorite hair treatments for less

Olaplex Black Friday sale: Where to shop Kim Kardashian’s favorite hair treatments for less

Olaplex Black Friday sale: Where to shop Kim Kardashian’s favorite hair treatments for less


If there’s a hair care brand that’s one of the most coveted around, it’s Olaplex. There’s a reason why Olaplex is ridiculously popular with everyone from Kim Kardashian to professional stylists – but it’s not exactly the cheapest hair care option, so we’re always looking for Olaplex on sale!

SKIMS mogul Kim’s hair has gone through a lot, but from her natural brunette to baby pink and bleach blonde (“When it’s blonde, I put in a lot of Olaplex,” Kim told Allure), it still always looks super glossy and healt

Whether you’ve yet to try the cult product or it’s already in your beauty arsenal, you don’t want to miss ordering Olaplex No.3 (Kim’s favourite pre-shampoo treatment) during the early Black Friday sales. For example, it currently has 49% off at Amazon UK, priced at £14.40 (WAS £28). 

From Chrissy Teigen to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kim’s sister Kylie, the brand has a loyal A-list fan base. If you love this, you’ll probably want to check out the rest of the Olaplex line-up. Basically, everything you’ll need to jumpstart healthier looking hair ASAP.

And thankfully, there are even more early Black Friday Olaplex discounts on some amazing hair care kits so you can get started…

Cult Beauty Olaplex sale

At Cult Beauty there’s 20% off Olaplex products and kits for a limited time. Our recommendation? The Olaplex Repair and Moisture Set, worth over £72 featuring everything you’ll need to heal your dry, damaged winter hair: No 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, No 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner and 30ml sizes of the No 3 Hair Perfector and No 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask.

ASOS Olaplex sale

At ASOS we spotted the Olaplex Strong Days Ahead Hair Kit for 28% off. This kit also features best-selling hair heroes: Olaplex No 4 and No 5, both in the 250ml size, and a 50ml size of Kim Kardashian’s fave No 3.

Beauty Bay Olaplex sale

Check out the Olaplex discounts at Beauty Bay where you can score the Smooth Your Style Hair Kit for £27.75, down from £37. Worth £50, this hair smoothing kit includes No. 3 (30ml) – the must-have bond-building repair – as well as a 20ml No 9 repairing hair serum, a full size of the NO 6 repairing treatment and a 7.75ml No 7 de-frizzing and hydrating hair oil that provides UV and heat protection. 

Why Kim Kardashian loves Olaplex

Kim has spoken about the transformative powers of Olaplex No 3 for years, but don’t just take her word for it, professional stylists have also called the treatment “revolutionary”. Designed to counteract the damage done by colouring and heat styling, it could answer all of your hair prayers if you’re suffering from dullness, dryness and split ends. 

So, how exactly does it work? To put it simply, our hair is made up of proteins (more specifically, keratins) and these are held together by disulfide bonds. This treatment rebuilds the bonds in every strand of hair. Working on a molecular level, it repairs, strengthens and restores both the appearance and texture.

Kim Kardashian blonde
Kim has said she uses ‘a lot of Olaplex’

The formulation includes a patented active ingredient developed by world-class scientists, which is why you won’t get these results from anything else.

To use it, apply a generous amount from the roots to the tips of your hair, either as a pre-wash treatment or overnight. Comb through and leave it to work its magic for at least ten minutes.


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