Home Fashion Mustard Allegedly Demands $10,000 From Ex-Wife Chanel Thierry

Mustard Allegedly Demands $10,000 From Ex-Wife Chanel Thierry

Mustard Allegedly Demands $10,000 From Ex-Wife Chanel Thierry


Mustard and his ex-wife Chanel Thierry are still embroiled in a nasty battle, with Mustard now demanding she fork over $10,000 to him.

In newly filed court docs obtained by RadarOnline, Mustard requested that the influencer pay him a hefty sum for continuously looking into his financial records. The famous producer, who has worked with artists such as Nipsey Hussle and Migos, also accused Thierry of harassing him with a series of baseless subpoenas. Of the five subpoenas, Mustard claims the first was filed in 2016, four years before their wedding in October 2020.

When Mustard filed for divorce in 2022, his money came into play almost immediately. Thierry employed an investigator who snooped around Mustard’s bank statements. They concluded that he earned nearly $623,000 monthly and was able to afford the $82,000 she was requesting in support. Mustard’s legal team shot down this notion. Instead, the 33-year-old claimed he made roughly $245,000 and could pay $23,000 to Thierry monthly for their three children. Ultimately, a judge ruled that $24,500 was a fair amount for monthly child support.

Aside from their money fight, Thierry has slammed Mustard for labeling her a “hostile” co-parent and even suggesting that she was unfit to raise their children. In a now-deleted IG post, Thierry claimed her former partner of 11 years moved his new girlfriend into their former marital home shortly after they split.

Mustard hasn’t responded publicly to their latest case.


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