Home News Pixel phone problems? Reddit might be the best help destination.

Pixel phone problems? Reddit might be the best help destination.

Pixel phone problems? Reddit might be the best help destination.


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  • If you’re having Pixel phone problems, seeking help on Reddit might be a good idea.
  • The official Google support account, u/PixelCommunity, is much more active on various Pixel-related subreddits.
  • This might be a faster and more efficient way to get help compared to other means.

Pixel smartphones are notorious for having a ton of problems. We’re unsure if it’s a lack of quality control, poor designs, or what, but we see more complaints about Pixels than any other smartphone family. To make matters worse, Google’s support methods for Pixels haven’t been great, either.

However, the company has made significant strides recently. Seven months ago, the official Reddit support account — u/PixelCommunity — announced its intentions to be more active in helping Redditors fix Pixel problems (h/t 9to5Google). After a slow start, the profile now posts assistance across multiple Pixel-related subreddits almost hourly.

This means if you are having problems with your Pixel gear, you should probably start with Reddit. Chances are good you already have an account anyway, and your phone will alert you when you get a response.

Of course, many of the responses we see from u/PixelCommunity are pretty standard, such as directing you to a specific support page or doing the ol’ “Have you updated recently?” query. Other times, though, the responses are quite in-depth and helpful and probably written by a human.

If you are having Pixel problems, you don’t need to go to Reddit, though. The official support forums are still open, and Google One subscribers can even contact Google directly through the mobile app. But frequent Redditors can stick with what they know now that Google has followed through on its promise to be more present there.


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