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Ariana Madix, Katie Maloney’s Sandwich Shop Won’t Mention ‘Pump Rules’

Ariana Madix, Katie Maloney’s Sandwich Shop Won’t Mention ‘Pump Rules’


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Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney.
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Vanderpump Rules brought Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney together — but that doesn’t mean they plan to pay tribute to the show at their sandwich shop, Something About Her.

“Nothing is related to the show or any cast members at all [at Something About Her],” Maloney, 36, exclusively told Us Weekly while promoting her and Madix’s partnership with Lays.

Madix, 38, noted that Bravo viewers shouldn’t expect their shop to lean into their reality TV roots, adding, “We got to get some new material out there.”

The costars decided to get into business together while filming season 9 of Vanderpump Rules. They have since offered glimpses at their French bistro-inspired sandwich shop, which is preparing to open its doors in the near future.

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“We’re trying to focus on the things that we can control and then the powers that be with the things that we can’t control. We’re just rolling with the punches,” Madix told Us about past complications with permits, to which Maloney added, “That’s the thing is that every time we turn around there’s something else.”

Despite the setbacks, Madix and Maloney have already chosen their favorite items from the menu.

“The Greek salad sandwich is my absolute favorite,” Madix shared with Us. Maloney agreed, adding, “Then also this spicy Italian sandwich is near and dear to me.”

The professional collaboration has also brought Madix and Maloney closer together as friends.

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“I knew that this was something I didn’t ever want to do on my own. I work best with a team of people and bouncing ideas off,” Maloney explained. “Definitely [working] in a team or partnership sort of environment is kind of where I thrive the most. But I think overcoming my weaknesses is becoming my strength more than anything — because I’ve been close to losing it.”

Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules, which wrapped earlier this summer, will presumably follow Madix and Maloney on their journey to opening up Something About Her. According to the duo, fans shouldn’t come into the season with any preconceived notions about who will be stirring up the most drama.

“Can you imagine? Maybe in certain ways [it will be us]. But I feel like in unexpected ways it might be us,” Maloney teased.

Madix, meanwhile, is just looking forward to seeing how the season unfolds. “It’s hard to say because we haven’t seen any of it,” she told Us. “We’re going to be figuring that out right along with you guys when you watch.”

For now, Madix and Maloney are focused on their trip to BravoCon in Las Vegas. The event, which kicks off on Friday, November 3, also falls on a special day.

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“First day of Bravo Con is National Sandwich Day,” Madix noted. “I’m most excited about the activation we have with Lays [at the event], obviously. Because it definitely has a lot of the elements that are in Something About Her. You’re going to get the feel of it. [There’s] some really cool photo moments. You’re going to have the little sandwich chip bites.”

She continued: “I think I am most excited about this activation with Lays, and then I think, in general, BravoCon is so crazy and hectic. What I’m not looking forward to potentially is just how tired we’re going to be. But it’s one of those things again where you’re so exhausted, but it is totally worth it.”

Maloney showed her support for their partnership with Lays as well, telling Us, “There’s no better duo than a chip and sandwich duo, obviously. It just felt like it all kind of naturally came together.”

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