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This 2-minute trick will turn your morning around

This 2-minute trick will turn your morning around


I don’t know about you, but I was so happy to find it was lighter this morning when I woke up thanks to the clocks going back yesterday.

I’ll certainly be appreciating the lighter mornings for the next few weeks, well aware that before too long, it’ll be pitch black when I wake up.

Wary that my alarm clock will soon be ringing when it feels like the middle of the night, I turned to Chinese medicine expert Katie Brindle for her advice on how to shift from exhausted to energised in the morning.

Katie Brindle in a cream cardigan holding a drink
Katie Brindle is a Chinese Medicine expert

Read on for Katie’s advice on how to transition seamlessly into the new season, plus discover her two-minute energising trick.

Why is autumn a good time to reset?

“The energy of autumn is letting go,” Katie says. “We want to mirror nature, so in the same way that the trees shed their leaves, now is the time to let go emotionally too.

“The body holds on to negative pain and emotions and autumn is the time of year energetically to let go of anything that no longer serves you. I mean this both physically and emotionally. Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then be brave and discard the rest, be that possessions or any habits or routines that you no longer need.”

Woman stretching in the morning© Shutterstock
Autumn is a good time to reset our energy

How to embrace dark evenings and feel more energetic 

“Use your late afternoons and evenings to relax and let go of worries, too,” Katie encourages. “Get in the habit of going to bed earlier, between 9-10pm and waking up earlier, between 5 and 7am.”

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Katie adds that autumn can lead to lethargy and feeling melancholy, but has a clever way to combat these listless feelings.

“According to traditional chinese medicine, shaking the body can help release stagnant energy and emotions, making us feel more vibrant and balanced,” says Katie.

“Try my Morning Shimmy exercise to help stimulate blood flow, unblock energy channels and awaken the body’s energy. It’s a great one for protecting against the symptoms of SAD.”

Click here to watch Katie’s two-minute energising video and prepare to feel ready for the day!

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