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“They Just Want Everything” [Video]

“They Just Want Everything” [Video]


Carl Crawford speaks on the reason why Megan Thee Stallion became intimate with Tory Lanez.

In a recent interview with Ugly Money Podcast, the 1501 Certified Entertainment CEO sat down with the hosts and addressed his former artist’s previous legal issue. During the conversation, Crawford was asked if he believed people pick sides due to popularity.

“Yea, I think they do,” Crawford began. “It’s all just about whatever everybody else doing. It’s your fanbase, the media enticing people on what to do. I just think that people do what they want.”

Crawford was then asked about his thoughts regarding the rumors surrounding Megan Thee Stallion allegedly having intimate relationships with the partners of her friends, particularly her former friend, Kelsey Nicole.

“They just want everything, you know,” he added. “If they feel like you got that because of clout like, ‘you ain’t never gonna meet no Tory Lanez without me. That’s mine. You wouldn’t be up in this situation without me.’ That’s the mentality that is. That’s how it is.”

Additionally, Crawford seemingly suggested that Megan and Tory was having an affair while Kelsey was sick with Covid-19.

“This girl Kelsey, she had covid at the time when people was dying every three to four hours or everyday,” Crawford continued. “She could have easily been one of them but what they was thinking about doing? I’m just saying, that show you what type of person you dealing with. This woman could have died and they was somewhere living it up.”

After years of contentious disputes over contracts and compensation, Megan and 1501 decided to amicably separate earlier this month. According to reports, the rapper and the independent record label jointly agreed at a confidential agreement to settle their legal disagreements.

Nonetheless, Crawford, who has been critical of Megan throughout the legal battle, stated that he and 1501 extend their best wishes to Megan for her future endeavors in both her personal life and her career.


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