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Plot, cast, release window, and more

Plot, cast, release window, and more


bad batch

The third season of The Bad Batch promises high stakes with Emperor Palpatine playing a pivotal role and Omega’s captivity by the Empire.

The unresolved cliffhanger from season 2 beckons for answers, especially in relation to the emerging Rebel Alliance and the enigmatic Imperial scientist, Emerie Karr.

Here’s what we know about the Bad Batch season 3 release date and plot speculations.

When will The Bad Batch season 3 come out?

The Bad Batch season 3 release date has not been disclosed yet. According to reports, the voice actors finished recording their lines sometime in July. This means the show is currently being produced.

If you think about it, every season has around 16 episodes that are 25 minutes long. Developing an animated show that requires a considerable amount of VFX would be time-consuming, so the release will probably take a few more months.

Last season was released in the early months of 2023, so the next would probably follow in the same suit.

bad batch

What to expect from The Bad Batch season 3?

Lucasfilm has officially confirmed the third season during the Star Wars Celebration 2023. They teased with footage that hinted at Emperor Palpatine’s significant role in the season and Omega, who is now held captive by the Empire, still hoping for Crosshair’s redemption.

The plot will pivot from the cliffhanger of season 2. The remaining Bad Batch members are determined to save Omega from the Empire, who is now imprisoned in a hidden Imperial base at Mount Tantiss.

This rescue mission will lead them to align with the emerging Rebel Alliance, offering viewers a glimpse into its origins.

Additionally, the finale introduced Emerie Karr, an Imperial scientist, and Omega’s sister. Season 3 is expected to delve deeper into her background and the implications of this relationship on Omega.

Setting & backstory

The show is set during the Dark Times when the Empire was in power. The Bad Batch refers to a group of mutant clone troopers from the Clone Wars. Due to their genetic mutations, they weren’t affected by Order 66’s inhibitor chips, making them protagonists in this animated series.

Connection with The Clone Wars

The Bad Batch story increasingly feels like a continuation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In season 2, Clone Force 99 inadvertently got entangled in the Imperial plans for the entire clone army.

bad batch

How many episodes will The Bad Batch season 3 have?

Bad Batch season 3 is likely to have 16 episodes.

Is the Bad Batch season 3 the last season?

Yes, the Bad Batch season 3 is the last season.


It’s difficult to tell whether he survived. It looks like his death was not permanent.

Omega has been cloned from Jango Fett. She is a female version of her template.

Tech is biologically 26 years old.

We don’t know her age, since the time of her creation is unknown.


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