Home Fashion “We Want The Validation ‘Cause We Deserve It” [Video]

“We Want The Validation ‘Cause We Deserve It” [Video]

“We Want The Validation ‘Cause We Deserve It” [Video]


Jay-Z speaks out on his historic induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, noting that it marked a significant milestone for the world of Hip Hop culture.

This past Friday, CBS Mornings featured the ‘The Book Of HOV’ exhibition at the Brooklyn Public Library in New York City. In a conversation with Gayle King, Hov delved into his numerous achievements and the prolonged journey it took for the music industry’s stakeholders to acknowledge Hip Hop as an art form.

“For a while, they would just dismiss rap as this fad or this noise [with] people just screaming over beats,” he said. “Not that we needed the validation, but it was like we want the validation ’cause we deserve it.”

In 2017, the iconic New York rapper achieved the distinction of being the first MC to receive an invitation to join the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The ‘Book of HOV’ exhibition at the Brooklyn Public Library debuted with a private event in mid-July, standing out as one of the most expansive displays ever dedicated to a single Hip Hop artist. This multimedia experience offers a vast collection of archived items, encompassing original recording masters, previously unseen photographs, memorable stage attire, prestigious awards and honors, as well as videos and artifacts representing every aspect of JAY-Z’s illustrious professional journey.

Among the impressive array of rare artifacts showcased from JAY-Z’s nearly three-decade-long career is a meticulously recreated version of Baseline Studios, the legendary recording space where Jigga crafted iconic albums such as “The Blueprint” and “The Black Album.” Additionally, last month, the exhibition even featured a 1990s Lexus reminiscent of the one prominently featured in JAY-Z’s groundbreaking music videos for “Dead Presidents.”


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